Wedding Tree Hire

Its been nearly 20 years since our wedding day, but we truly understand the love and effort that goes into that big day.

Every wedding is as unique as the couple making their vows, and so we tailor our wedding tree hire service to each client. 

We strongly recommend coming to visit us if you're thinking about having a naturally decorated venue - the trees will take your imagination on a journey. 

All of the trees and plants we have in stock are available for hire for any event, for any time of year. 

We have hired trees of all sizes to our customers for weddings and civil ceremonies- as well as being brought and given as favours to guest - and a variety of events and festivals such as Glastonbury Festival glamping area & Bristol Pride 2018, conferences, local fayres and for office decor. 

All of our trees are in transportable pots ranging from 10L - 210L. Hessian cloth wrap to cover the pots can be included with your hire at no additional cost - just ask.

Each event we have been a part of has been decorated totally different to the next, everyone has had their own ideas - and because of this we don't give fixed price quotes. 

Our quote is tailored to your individual hire of nature. We base the quote around three factors:

  • The species of tree(s) being hired.

  • Quantity of trees being hired.

  • Geographical location of your venue.

To give you some vague idea of cost however, an example quote would be; for circa £375 + transport costs you could expect to hire approximately 15 large trees for a three day hire period. We are open for tree hire all year round.

Here is a (recent) list of our available tree species for hire

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Tree Sales

We quite literally have an ever growing collection of trees; of species, in quantity, and in size - the very vast majority which have been raised from seed here in our nursery. 

By growing our trees from seed in pots we guarantee that the roots are dense, not damaged and that the tree is strong, healthy and disease free.   

We have in stock over 800 healthy trees spanning across over 100 species for you to choose from in pots ranging from 10L-210L all of which are ready to be taken away or delivered by us.


We are open to public and commercial trade - and we have had some amazing customers over the years each with unique and fantastic tree ideas. 

Whether you are looking to fill a gap in your garden, spruce up your balcony, bring your patio area to life or perhaps are looking to create a sound, wind or privacy barrier around your property - we will have a tree that catches your eye and will be more than up to the job.

Another popular idea amongst our customers is planting up plots of land, turning it into young woodland - which is a long term dream of ours too. 

There is something satisfying about nurturing life and watching it grow and flourish, and in nature, everything is alive. 

We feel passionately about what we do, and provide nothing but the most beautiful trees available in the area. We can also offer some small friendly advice on how to care for your tree over time in its new home.

The great thing about buying a potted tree, is you don't have to plant it if you aren't ready. You can try it in a variety of locations, and as our pots have handles they manoeuvre fairly easily. 

We can offer FREE DELIVERY on purchases over £100 within a 10 mile radius of our location (Nr Burrington, Bristol, BS40) 

We are open for tree sales all year round. 

Here is a (recent) list of the tree species that we have available for sale.

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Corporate Tree Hire

Bringing tree life into your workspace can have various benefits; to air quality, to mental wellbeing and mental stimulation to name but a few. 

Some of the most sought after office spaces in the city have their atriums, corridors, break out spaces and rooftop terraces lined with plant life providing a work environment that encourages creativity and productivity. 

As with our wedding and event tree hire, our corporate friends are equally as individual with their ideas and vision for their space décor - and because of this we don't give fixed price quotes. Your quotation is tailored to your individual hire.

We can also offer hire packages with seasonal changes allowing your scenery to adjust with nature. 

Your quotation would be based on several factors, such as; 

  • The species of tree(s) being hired.

  • Quantity of trees being hired.

  • Geographical location of your office space. 

  • The duration of the hire period. 

  • How frequently feeding, watering and TLC of the trees may be required. 

We are also able to offer indoor plant and bedding plant arrangements to suit any type of space. 

If you are thinking about upgrading or redesigning your office space, we advise considering bringing a bit of nature indoors. 

Contact Ash Wild today to discuss your ideas! 

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