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About Wild Tree Services

With our nursery based on the edge of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - its safe to say we have taken a lot of our inspiration from our surroundings. 

Having been passionately gardening for decades and caring for the environment as individuals through the years, we wanted to create a business that incorporated our love for nature, was sustainable, and beyond being carbon neutral. 

Bringing Wild Tree Services to life has taken over a decade of dedication and applying our knowledge to raising the trees in the best possible conditions for them, with great outcomes. 

The creation of Wild Tree Services also enabled us to share these beautiful trees with the world.

As humans, we need the oxygen that trees and plants produce to live - they are so crucial to our planets survival. They are also the best cure for our increasingly polluted atmosphere.

A single tree can absorb as much as 48lb / 22kg of carbon dioxide per year - often consuming over a tonne of CO2 in its lifetime.

Earth now has 46% fewer trees than it did 12,000 years ago when agriculture was it its infancy, which is a hefty decline when we consider also the increase of life on earth in that same 12,000 years. 

We can all do something, no matter how small to give a little back to nature and help restore the balance. 

We can provide trees for hire for; weddings, conferences, office space, commercial space decor, festival/glamping decor - whatever your idea, we're ready to hear it! 

We can provide wedding favour trees in 38 varieties


We have sold trees for; filling space in the garden, turning balconies into jungles, for council land landscaping, for creating sound barriers, creating shade, for creating privacy, home and garden renovation projects, landscape gardening, initial planting on new build housing, hedging, woodland planting, co2 emission balancing business projects, memory trees, and many more creative ideas!

Please see our Instagram for more photos!

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